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in sicilian cuisine


Artisan pizzas

long fermentation



with views of Beceite



made with durum wheat flour


warm salad

endives with anchovies from the Cantabrian Sea



Mallorquín, Roquerol, Cunzato, Coppa, Lombardo or Sfizioso

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Specialty in Sicilian cuisine

Enjoy the fusion between Sicilian and local cuisine. Pizza, pasta and meat.

Francesco comes from a miller family which his great-grandfather started the “mulino Fiocca” activity in Marsala, Sicily. A durum wheat flour mill which is used for making the best italian pasta. You can taste pasta made with that flour at our restaurant and also our long-fermented artisan pizzas.

One of our summer specials is busiata a la trapanese. As you may know, each sauce needs its own type of pasta. Come and taste it!

We take care of the ingredients and we try to use seasonal products in our kitchen. We like to spoil a bit our customers and share our recipes with them.

We are also specialized in “Ternasco de Aragón Km0”, cooked for 12 hours.

Other specialties: pulpo a la pantesca, pizza al tartufo, pizza alla parmiggiana, lamb, pork ribs, pappardelle al tartufo e salsicia di Beceite, pesto trapanese, panino cunzato, pannacota, cannolo siciliano, tramisú.
Selection of local and Italian wines such as grillo, frappato and lambrusco.

“Our favourites, two Italians and one Aragonese”

Pasta Pappadelle con salsiccia funghi e tartufo


Cooked al dente

Pasta made with durum wheat flour

Pizza Parmigiana



Long-fermented artisan pizzas


From Aragón Km 0

Ternasco from Aragón Km 0

“Our restaurant is open for everybody, not just campers”

Our menu

Specialy in Sicilian cuisine

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